Sunday, January 25, 2009

Alan Moore's Century

'Case you missed it, as I had, the first chapter of Alan Moore's third installment of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, subtitled Century is solicited for April. Click for previews and details.

The League is a work of crossover fiction, set in a world almost entirely populated by characters of fiction popular and obscure. A world where England put on a man n the moon in the early 20th century, Nazi Germany was lead by Adenoid Hynkel and Ingsoc seized power following WWII. There has been two 6 issue minis, a one-shot hardcover, and an abysmal big screen adaptation that I admit was what got me into comics.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Soil Samples: Angel of Death

Ed "The Brube" Brubaker, the man who ordered the hit on Captain America, founded Center City, beat Satan at an arm wrestling match upon which he slept with his wife, and made Catwoman decidedly more badass now creates Angel of Death, a webseries produced by Crackle, starring Zoe Bell, Kurt Russel fucking-up lass from Death Proof, Lucy Lawless and Doug Jones, otherwise known as Xena and Abe Sapien.

It starts in Febuary.

I have a moustache.

The Quintessential, and stuff

Shortly is.... Such a funny word. Subjective, is what it is.

Anyroad, I've quit/been downsized/got fired from my jobs and I'm in between semesters. With not a woman's touch to ease my sorrow. So I blog.

In this feature, I post panels or pages quintessential of a comic book creator.
First of, we have this from Fury Vol. 2 #3, by none other than The Garf, the cruel intellect behind such characters as Arseface, Love Sausage and Fuck Nose.

And now...

I have no speach.

Future editions will include more Batman kinky sex, Questions on superhuman sexuality (Do you have to be a natural Blonde to make a Green Lanter impotent and so fourth) and has how awesome is Ed Brubaker.

The answer to the latter is fucking very much. I've got soil samples to prove it.