Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Quintessential, and stuff

Shortly is.... Such a funny word. Subjective, is what it is.

Anyroad, I've quit/been downsized/got fired from my jobs and I'm in between semesters. With not a woman's touch to ease my sorrow. So I blog.

In this feature, I post panels or pages quintessential of a comic book creator.
First of, we have this from Fury Vol. 2 #3, by none other than The Garf, the cruel intellect behind such characters as Arseface, Love Sausage and Fuck Nose.

And now...

I have no speach.

Future editions will include more Batman kinky sex, Questions on superhuman sexuality (Do you have to be a natural Blonde to make a Green Lanter impotent and so fourth) and has how awesome is Ed Brubaker.

The answer to the latter is fucking very much. I've got soil samples to prove it.

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Thomas said...

OH neato, you're posting again.